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Please Read Carefully Below Before Submitting an Application.


SCVP members patrol in Sabino Canyon, on Mt. Lemmon, and in the Santa Catalina Mountains. We are a Year-Round Operation, however, we do accept Winter Residents with a strict initial availablity requirement for the first phase. - SEE BELOW.

While on patrol, we provide information and assistance to visitors regarding trails and trailhead locations, hiking conditions, wildlife and desert safety issues, and Forest Service rules and regulations.

SCVP members are the eyes, ears, and helping hands of the Forest Service, evaluating trail and safety conditions in the canyon and surrounding areas.

  • No schedules: Within the Santa Catalina Ranger District  you may hike/patrol when you wish, where you wish, for as long as you wish and for as far as you wish.
  • Training consists of Two Manditory Orientations in January and a Mentoring Period for a few weeks.
  • MINIMUM AVAILABILITY CRITERION: Candidates must be available at least Dec through April to fully participate in the interview, training, and mentoring process. After becoming members, availability for at least 5 months (any 5 contiguous months) during each subsequent year is expected. 
  • PRIORITIZATION OF APPLICATIONS: Your application will be prioritized for membership based on the number of months you are available AND the date your application was submitted. Applicants who are available 10-12 months per year will be considered ahead of applicants with less than 10 months availability. Within each group, applications will be considered in the order it was received.

We take 50 applicants a year. Please submit your application regardless of when apply. Many of our current patrollers waited a year to be enrolled. It is not unusual.


Your application will act as a waiting list in the event of drop outs. Often we have up to five candidates change their mind by the end of the year-No guarantee. In Turn, your application stays active until the following year and you will be among the first 50 candidates.

You will recieve a response indicating we have received your application.

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